Why New Construction Homes Are So Popular In Chester County, PA

September 20, 2019 9:00 am Why New Construction Homes Are So Popular In Chester County, PA Published by

Every homebuyer has to make the choice between a newly-built home and an older home. In this situation, many would expect that only the richest among us would be able to buy a new home. However, they would be quite wrong. There are many reasons that a person might choose a new home over an older one. There are also many good reasons that a person might choose a new home in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Overall, it’s probably one of the nicer towns in America. In this article, we will examine the nicest things about a new home, as well as the nicest things about Chester County.

Why People Choose New Homes

There are many good reasons to choose a new home. First of all, older homes tend to require some maintenance and/or repair. It’s very rare to buy an older home that doesn’t require some degree of work. In many ways, this is a crapshoot, and it certainly does scare away some buyers.

You might get lucky and purchase a home that requires only cheap and basic repairs. On the other hand, you might end up with a home that requires you to spend thousands of dollars on extensive and disruptive repairs. It’s a big gamble, and you can end up anywhere between these two extremes.

With a new home, you don’t have that problem. You know that everything is brand new and will not deteriorate for a long time. Even if something does go wrong, everything is probably still under a warranty of some sort. This is probably the main benefit of buying a new home.

Newer homes also tend to be more energy-efficient, which will certainly save you some money on the electric bill. Also, some older homes will be designed to work with outdated heating/cooling systems, and this can be an aggravation. Newer homes are already custom-built for modern technology.

Finally, we might talk about the benefits of customization. Instead of adapting your habits to a new home, you can make the home adapt to your habits. By designing a floor plan that fits the way you live, a lot of convenience and appeal can be added to a new home. You can take all of your home improvement plans and put them together in one project.

Why People Choose Chester County, PA

Chester County is one of those idyllic places that don’t seem to have any major problems. Crime is very low overall, and poverty is also on the low side. It’s not all that crowded, and there is plenty of green space as well as plenty of local events and activities. It seems that the only real downside to this place is the relatively high cost of homes and lots.

Let’s start with crime and poverty since those are two of the most common reasons to leave the big city. One a scale of 1 to 100, Chester County is ranked as a 9.8 on this violent crime scale. By contrast, the national average is about 23. Property crime also comes in at way less than the national average at about 18. The national average for property crime is about 35, so all of this adds up to an exceptionally low crime rate.

Chester County also has a lot of history and culture to enjoy. As one of the original three counties of Pennsylvania, it has been around longer than the United States itself. Unlike many places, it has retained a lot of its traditional character. Local events are always both colorful and educational.

As we already mentioned, home prices in this county are a little bit high. Thus, we can get a better idea of why people choose this location. When people choose to settle in Chester County, they are probably looking for a safe and luxurious location that has a small-town feel combined with the social life of a large city.

Best Places To Live In Chester County, PA

Let’s look at some of the best places to live in Chester County. For a start, we might mention The Estates At Hideaway Farms. These homes are equipped with four bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, and each one sits on a three-quarter-acre lot. The neighborhood is located in Downington, which is arguably the coziest town in the county. Its’ school district is considered to be one of the best in the state, and each home is designed for both convenience and luxury.

Another great place would be the French Creek Village. This is a locale that is perfectly suited for the golf enthusiast, as French Creek Village is also a golf course. If you have ever wanted to live in an area that was one part country club and one part luxury community, this is just the place for you.

And that’s just two of the fine neighborhoods that can be found in Chester County. Other nice neighborhoods would include The Preserve At Hideaway Farms, The Traditions At Hideaway Farms, Pickering Crossing, and East Village Downington.


After reading the above, you might understand why new homes in this county are so popular. In some ways, this is the ideal area for anyone to put down roots. It isn’t one of those places where all the residents say that they want to leave. It’s one of those places where people choose to stay and raise a family or become part of the community. If you choose to have your home built in this beautiful county, we hope that our article will turn out to have been helpful. If so, please fill out the contact form below as a “thank you” for all of our hard work.