Where Can I Buy New Construction Homes Under 400k in Downingtown, PA?

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Downington is a small community in Pennsylvania that dates back to the early eighteenth century. As such, it is imbued with a sense of history and a touch of class. However, there is one problem for those who might be considering a move to that area: The homes tend to be quite expensive. In previous articles, we have looked at several homes from this area. Most of them have prices that range from $300,000 to $500,000. For today, we have decided to focus on the cheaper end of that price range.

Community Overview:

This is a suburb of Philadelphia with a population of about 8,000. This small-town feel is greatly prized by residents, but there is still enough growth and activity here to keep it from being boring. Local gatherings are always lively, and shopping options are adequate. Most of the residents here would be described as “upper middle class,” and the homes tend to reflect that fact.

Crime Rates

Crime rates in Downington are very low. When we look at some statistics, we can see that the violent crime rate is extremely low, while property crimes are a little higher than we would expect. However, one look at the map will explain these numbers. Gallagherville and the Borough Center seem to be the epicenters of crime in this area, but all the other communities have next to none. Even in those two problematic areas, most of the crime consists of petty theft.

Parks And Green Space

When it comes to the green space factor, Downington has a lot to offer. With all the parks and green areas around here, you might find it easy to forget that you are living in such a settled area. There are a total of six parks here: Kerr, Johnsontown, Sunnybrook, Marinelli, Samuel Tabas, and The Ponds. For a small town, that’s quite a lot. These parts tend to serve as the main gathering areas for the community.

Kerr Park is one of the more popular of these parks. They have a huge gazebo that is suitable for any event, and this space can be rented for those who wish to have a private gathering. This park is exceptionally clean and well-maintained, with a big jungle gym for the kids to enjoy. Outside of town limits, there is even more nature-oriented fun to be had.


The Downington Area School District is the largest school district in Chester County. Yes, this is a small town, but many of the surrounding towns are even smaller. This school district runs ten elementary schools, three middle schools, and three high schools. The good thing about this is that residents have choices. You won’t be stuck sending your kids to a school that you (and they) might not like. With so many options, it would be hard not to find one that is suitable.

Where To Find New Homes In Downington For Under 400,000

As far as we can tell, the best place to find new homes in Downington for less than 400k is a neighborhood called The Preserve At Hideaway Farms. That’s kind of a long name, but it’s well worth the extra sign space.

As you can see by looking at this map, this neighborhood is part of a larger area called Hideaway Farms. The area is separated into two sections, with the preserve being one and the estates being the other. The preserve is the smaller of the two areas and is tucked away on the far end. It is surrounded by woods and streams and has a nice communal play area.

The homes at The Preserve are available in three different forms:

The Radnor

These are the most expensive homes in the area, but all of the examples that we can find are still below 400k. These homes are designed with an open and spacious floor plan that is centered around the needs of a large family. The central space is the large gathering room, which is combined with a breakfast area in one corner and a kitchen in the other. The best thing here is the large fireplace, which creates a sense of old-fashioned atmosphere that goes perfectly with the area.

The Wayne

This style of home is interesting because they put the staircase right in the middle of the house. Thus, it becomes one of the central aspects of the home’s appearance. There are a lot of rooms here, so this one is perfect for large families who need space for a lot of different activities. All of these homes have a huge 2-car garage which is just as well-insulated as the rest of the home. It even has a loft that is suitable for use as an extra room. Truly, a home that will make you feel like Bruce Wayne himself.

The Whitford

These are the least expensive homes in The Preserve, but they are only a little bit cheaper than the Wayne-style homes. They offer a similar level of elegance, with a large area and a 2-car garage. When you walk into these homes, the foyer and gathering room form a “T” shape, which includes the kitchen and breakfast area opposite the gathering room. Don’t worry, that nice big fireplace is there, too. It has four bedrooms like all of these, but there is a super-spacious master bedroom so that you can feel like a king in his castle. After all, you paid for the place!


Although Downington is a slightly more affluent locality, you don’t have to be super-rich to afford a home around here. Sure, these places aren’t exactly cheap, but they are a lot cheaper than most other homes of this quality. Not only do you get a luxurious new home at a reasonable price, but you also get to enjoy a town that hasn’t been ruined by the ways of the modern world. Lots of nature, safe streets, and a mild climate (among other things) give this place a lot of appealing aspects. We hope that you have enjoyed this article, and we ask you to fill out the contact form below so that we can answer more of your important questions.