New Home or Resale? New, of course!

May 3, 2013 2:52 pm Published by
Welcoming new home entry foyer

Welcoming new home entry foyer

Ok, so we have a biased opinion in favor of new construction. Why buy new over resale? So glad you asked.

It’s All New
Yes, we’re stating the obvious but think about it. Everything is brand new, unused, original. Your new Southdown home is not used, pre-owned or a resale. A meal has not yet been prepared in the sparkling kitchen, the carpets and floors have not endured years of trampling, dirty feet and paws, the garage floor is not dotted with oil stains, the bathrooms, well, they are shiny and new too. The best part of buying a Southdown home is it’s all new!

Low Maintenance
Southdown’s new homes are constructed with durable building materials and don’t require the additional investment of time and money you’ll need to repair an old home. Your home will have a new roof, new windows, all new appliances, new plumbing, new furnace, new air conditioner, new water heater and new electric wiring. Simply stated, everything is new.

You’ll move into a Southdown home that reflects your personal style and taste because you will choose the finishes in your new home. The cabinetry, floor coverings, fixtures, appliances, exterior design and floor plan will be personalized for you and your family. Your home will fit your style on move-in day saving you the time and cost for remodeling, updating and refinishing and older home.

Up-to-date Floor Plans
We haven’t had any buyers request small, closed off kitchens and living spaces, tiny bathrooms, little closets and dark rooms. Good thing because at Southdown we don’t build our new homes that way. Our homes are open and bright with state-of-the-art kitchens, master suites that offer sanctuary after a long day’s work, spacious gathering rooms and flexible spaces.

Energy Efficiency
Southdown’s new homes are built with an emphasis on reducing energy costs and maximizing comfort and efficiency. Your new earth-friendly home will have appliances, windows, insulation, and heating and air conditioning systems with programmable thermostats that minimize environmental impact.

Want to send shivers down the spine of resale buyers? Mention cable and computer connections, electrical outlets and wiring, lighting, temperature controls and security systems. Retrofitting a resale home for today’s technology can be a nightmare at worst and expensive, time consuming and frustrating at best.

Health and Safety
Southdown’s new homes must comply with federal and local building codes. You will not find asbestos or lead-based paint in new construction. The electrical, plumbing, water and sewer systems are all subject to strict building code compliance and enforcement.

Warranties & Customer Service
Southdown Homes purchases an independent 10-year warranty for each of our new homes and manufacturer warranties are provided for new appliances. The project manager at each Southdown Homes community will conduct pre-settlement inspections with buyers. A limited warranty is sometimes provided by the owner of a resale home but the coverage is typically not as extensive as a builder’s warranty and it’s often for a shorter period of time.

Have we convinced you to buy new? Stop by any of our new home communities in Chester County, Pennsylvania to experience the difference yourself. Visit for details and directions.

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