Homeowners Guide To Malvern, PA

September 30, 2019 9:00 am For those who might be considering a move, we present Malvern as an option for you. While no community is perfect, Malvern is definitely one of the nicer places to live Published by

Malvern is a small town in Pennsylvania, located in Chester County. With a population of just under 3,000, it is the kind of idyllic small town in which we all dream of settling down and raising a family. For those who might be considering a move, we present Malvern as an option for you. While no community is perfect, Malvern is definitely one of the nicer places to live in the state of Pennsylvania, if not the entire nation.

Property Values In Malvern, Pennsylvania

Let’s start by helping you to figure out how much a person will pay for a home in this town. According to most sources, including this one, the median price of a home in Malvern is $383,100. That’s definitely not a cheap range. When we look at some specific advertisements, we can see that many homes cost even more.

For comparison, the state of Pennsylvania has a median home price of about $219,000. The national average is about $289,000. Thus, we can see that Malvern’s home prices are roughly $164,100 higher than the state median, and about $94,100 higher than the national median. Based on these facts, we can see that not everyone will be able to afford a home in Malvern.

When it comes to land values (i.e., lot values), Malvern also comes in at the high end of the spectrum. To get a better idea of just how high we are talking, let’s look at some lot advertisements. Here we can see that the average cost of a lot in Malvern is right about the same as the cost of a house in Malvern. As with homes, the numbers do vary a lot, but our average home price of $383,100 would probably be close to the average price for all of the lots we have seen.

Crime Rates In Malvern, Pennsylvania

When we look for data on the crime rates in Malvern, we find mostly good news. As we can see from this data, they are well below the national average in every metric. Malvern is described as having less crime than 70% of American cities.

When we look at the breakdown of convictions and arrests, we can see another reassuring pattern. Although property crime like theft seems to happen from time to time, violent crimes are extremely rare. This data only goes up to 2017, but it shows not a single murder during that time. Other violent crimes, like rape and arson, are nearly nonexistent. The only violent crimes that we see with any frequency are simple assaults. In all likelihood, those are mostly just local brawls. So, the logical conclusion is this: It’s not impossible to start a fight in Malvern, but you are very unlikely to be the victim of a violent crime.

This crime data is even more revealing. Here, we can see the crime rate broken down by the various neighborhoods. We can quickly see that there are two areas in Malvern that have relatively high crime rates. One of these is the Planebrook area, and the other is the Borough Center. Presumably, the Borough Center is targeted because it is a hub of commercial activities. Most of the crimes in this town are thefts, and thieves go where they can find people with money. Thus, you should watch your back and your wallet in these areas.

Things To Do In Malvern, Pennsylvania

It seems that the most important local event in Malvern is a yearly festival called Endless Summerfest. From what we can tell, this looks like a large county fair that puts a lot of emphasis on musical acts, local merchants, and children’s activities. There’s also great food and beer on hand if you need refreshment. The festival grounds include the entirety of King Street and are always lively and interesting.

While you’re in Malvern, you might also see fit to visit the Paoli Battlefield. This is the site of a small but important skirmish during the American Revolution. The original inhabitants of Malvern were mostly Welsh settlers who (most likely) named the borough after a town in Wales. Their descendants (as well as a lot of people from the Jersey Shore) still inhabit the area to this day, and this is part of what gives the town of Malvern its unique local character.

In any case, the battle of Paoli turned out to be one of the more important early skirmishes of the war. The battle resulted in a narrow victory for the British but turned into an even bigger propaganda win for the Patriots. Curiously, this historic site was not designated as such until 1999. If you want to learn about local history, this is probably the best place to start.

Along those lines, you might also want to attend the Malvern Memorial Parade. This event is more than your average parade, as the locals have a special pride in its age. It is officially the oldest memorial holiday service in America and was first celebrated in 1817. Like memorial day all over the nation, this parade is meant to honor those who fought and died in service to their country. This parade was specifically meant to honor those who died at the Battle of Paoli, which is probably the most important historic event to ever happen in this town.

When we think about it this way, it becomes an indicator of just how quiet this little town can be. Nothing of any real note has happened there since the revolutionary war, and even that was just a minor skirmish. Still, it’s nice to see an old community that hasn’t completely thrown away its traditions. We can see that change does not come quickly to these parts, so those who are used to a modern, urban lifestyle may find this place to be boring.

We would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t mention all the parks that can be found here. If you watch this video, showing a drive through Malvern, you will see that green space is everywhere. Those who want to get away from the grey concrete jungle of the city will probably feel very peaceful when surrounded by nature.

In this one small town, you have Samuel & M. Elizabeth Burke Park, Theodore S.A. Rubino Memorial Park, Horace J. Quann Memorial Park, and John and Marion Herzak Park. If you can only visit one of these, Burke Park tends to be extremely busy and full of life. They will often have “dinner and a movie” events here, along with musical performances of all kinds. If you show up the right time of year, you can even browse the Malvern Farmer’s Market that sets up here. Herzak Park is probably the newest of the bunch, having been dedicated in 2016 to honor the memory of a local business owner.

During the holidays, you can really get a treat when they start the Victorian Christmas event. This event is not confined to one area but involves the whole town. Old Christmas traditions like door-to-door caroling persist here and are unlikely to die out anytime soon. Instead of singing and dancing on a stage, the professional musicians who take part in this festival do so in the streets, giving the entire area the feel of a huge open-air carnival.

Shopping In Malvern, Pennsylvania

Although you won’t see as many big-chain stores in this town, Malvern is not devoid of them. There are several large shopping centers, in which you should be able to find whatever you need. However, those who want to find a unique gift might want to consider “The Mill At Anselma.” This is an old mill that has been converted into an event space, and they will often hold gatherings of artisans and farmers who sell all manner of handmade items and tasty fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you or someone in your family is into rare and unusual books, Malvern has a quaint little place called Baldwin’s Book Barn. With a name that harkens back to the Welsh origins of the town, this place feels like a treasure trove of lost wisdom. This beautiful bookstore is more like a cross between a bookstore and a museum. For the scholarly inclined, this place is a natural hangout where you can have all sorts of intelligent conversations.

No trip to Malvern would be complete without a trip to the Locust Lane Craft Brewery. They offer a wide variety of beers, many of them handmade on-location and as fresh as you could ever want. You can also order some food to go with all that beer, and this place has some of the best. For a romantic outing with your significant other, this wouldn’t be a bad choice at all.

Best Neighborhoods In Malvern, Pennsylvania

As we mentioned earlier, you might want to avoid living in the Borough Center or the Planebrook area because of the relative crime rate. However, the vast majority of Malvern is clean, safe, and well-ordered. For a truly good example of this, we might take a look at Pickering Crossing, which is unquestionably one of the nicest neighborhoods in town.

Pickering Crossing is a high-class neighborhood, with homes ranging between $450,000 and $500,000. Still, these homes are specially designed for comfort and brightness. The designers of these homes included so many windows that you don’t even need light bulbs during the day. Most of them also have a lot of vertical space that makes you feel very free and unconfined. Overall, these homes are the pinnacle of luxury despite their high prices. You can choose between twin homes and carriage homes, as both are readily available.

Perhaps one of the best things about Pickering Crossing is the fact that it is hidden and public at the same time. Although it is off the beaten track and seldom bothered by the outside world, it’s also right next to the middle of town where all the activity can be found. Thus, you have nature at your back window and a sociable community within a short drive.


All in all, this is a community for those who can afford to live well. It wouldn’t be very well-suited to homebuyers on a tight budget, as they would be unlikely to find anything suitable here. Still, those who can afford to live here will find it to be a beautiful little slice of Americana that most people don’t even know. What this place lacks in civilized pleasures, it more than makes up for with a mix of old-fashioned community spirit and the peaceful tranquility that only comes from nature. If you are interested in this subject and would like to learn more, please feel free to fill out the contact form below.