Apply for Title Insurance

Within 14 days of the signing of your AOS, you’ll need to select a Title Company with whom you plan to obtain title insurance.

Reviewing New Home Warranty With Builder
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Obtain Your Mortgage Commitment

If you require financing, it is important to begin the mortgage process as soon as possible. The Pre-Approval you provided at the signing of your AOS was the first step. A Mortgage Commitment is a formal document from your lending institution stating that you are approved for a loan and details the conditions of the proposed loan. It is important that your Southdown Homes Site Agent receives a copy of your Mortgage Commitment.

Low Voltage and Electrical Layout Selections

Before your future home is drywalled, you’ll need to connect with both Southdown’s low voltage wiring subcontractor, and electrical subcontractor. Your AOS will have the contact information for the contractors, as well as a deadline for completing the proposal. You do not need to have experience with low voltage or electrical wiring, as our contractors will explain the base packages to you and help you to select upgrades customized to your needs and lifestyle.

How to Buy a New Construction Home
How to Furnish Your First Home

Make Your Interior Selections

Now comes the fun part! Our Design Center Coordinator will be in touch when it is time to begin selecting your interior finishes. At your initial consultation with the Design Center Coordinator, you will be able to view product samples (hardware, fixtures, tile, flooring, countertops, etc.…), and discuss options available for your future home. The Design Center Coordinator will work with you to make selections that reflect both your personal taste and the needs of your family.

Pre-Drywall Walk

Once the framing, and most of the HVAC, low voltage, electrical work, and plumbing work have been installed, you will be contacted by the Site Agent with a date for your Pre-Drywall Walk. At the Pre-Drywall walk, you will have a chance to walk your future home with the Project Manager. You will be provided with a settlement date at your Pre-Drywall walk. The electrical contractor will also be reaching out to you around this time, to walk the home and see if there are any other electrical additions that you would like to purchase before the drywall is hung.

How to Finance Your New Construction Home
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Coordinate With the Director of Conveyancing

Soon after your Pre-Drywall Walk, Southdown’s Director of Conveyancing will reach out to you to confirm your settlement day and time. You’ll want to keep Conveyancing informed of any changes to your lender, or changes to how you plan to take title.

Settlement Day

When you are approximately 60 days from closing your new construction home, our Director of Conveyancing will reach out to you with a settlement date and time. You will also be scheduled for a Home Orientation Walk, the morning of Settlement Day. At the Home Orientation Walk, you will walk your new home with a Builder Representative, to check the home for completion and to review all major systems of the home, and the routine maintenance of these systems.

After your walk, you will proceed to settlement at our main office. A settlement officer from your chosen title company will be present at closing, to present final settlement documents for review and signatures. On settlement day, be sure to have:

  • Two forms of identification
  • Proof of homeowners insurance
  • A copy of your Southdown Homes contract
  • Any bank documents that were required for mortgage loan approval
  • A certified check for settlement funds

Once all documents have been signed, and payments have been securely transferred, you will officially be a homeowner. Don’t forget: Two weeks prior to settlement be sure to contact utility and cable/internet companies to establish services in your name, so that your home is ready for move in.